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  • Basic understanding of the Python language
  • Basic understanding of Object Oriented programming and relational database concepts (no SQL knowledge is required)
  • Install and Configure Python and Django in a development and production environment
  • Understand the security implications of Django features, and develop secure web sites with Django
  • Utilize Django Models to build and interface with powerful relational databases
  • Django ORM
  • Be able to create forms (both ad-hoc and from Models and Data Models) and automate the validation and verification of data in those forms
  • Utilize Django to automate the production of Syndication Feeds (such as RSS)
  • Implement, manage, and control Django's administrative interfaces
  • Securely implement user authentication and access control using Django sessions
  • Understand how to download, install, and utilize third party Django applications
  • Utilize Djangos mail functions to send email notifications
  • Leverage Django messaging system to provide asynchronous messaging
  • Scale Django applications through the use of caching systems
  • Implement, maintain, and manage complete e-commerce, publishing, and other content-management systems using Django