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What is Analytics and AI?

Decision-making is the backbone of any management function. Ration decision making requires ability to analyse data, interpret the results and apply the conclusions to business decisions.

Our experts in the field of data science can help decode your complex business problems, devise a “Analytics strategy”, and provide you end to end solution. We will help you in defining what data to capture, how to analyse and draw actionable conclusions from it.

Working with our Clients

Our collaborative approach empowers clients to develop solutions that are mission-centric and sustainable. Our experienced team helps clarify goals, calibrate responsibilities, minimize stovepiping, ensure technology supports business operations, and guarantee that vital knowledge is preserved.

Our Analytics and AI Services

We have expertise in implementation of google analytics to help you in understanding effectiveness of your website / app and the marketing content.

Our team of experts can help you in Tag Management, Custom Dashboards, Re-targeting strategy to boost your digital presence.

We have expertise in marketing analytics to help you analyze and create customer DNA map for effective customer engagement in order to create the "Happy Customer". Our team of experts can help you in Tag Management, Custom Dashboards, Re-targeting strategy to boost your digital presence.

We specialize in Customer segmentation based on definable customer attributes such as demographics, income group, ethnicity etc., Sales forecasting using time-series data, Market basket analytics to help in product recommendation such as "customer who bought this also bought this" , Customer loyalty prediction which is the biggest area of concern for industries where it is possible to switch from one product to similar product by competitor , Customer sentiment prediction based on sentiment analysis of customer feedback.

Our analytics team will help you in optimizing your business operations to maximize your benefits. We can help you analyze production line data, and optimize the process timelines, Machinery utilization, Inventory utilization, inventory turnover times, COGS reduction etc.

We can help you devise data strategy to collect, and analyze data across your Supply chain as per the KPIs defined in the SCOR model, and help you to improve the effectiveness of your supply chain.

With the growing usage of digital transactions, there has been a surge in digital frauds and financial crimes. Our analytics team will help you in defining strategies to prevent these frauds using Machine learning algorithms, and NLP.

The machine learning models continuously evolve to adapt to newer data and refine the rules of an always-on cat and mouse game, and always keep you a step ahead of the fraudster lurking behind you.