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This course introduces you to IBM Business Process Manager and the strategies, tools, and methodologies that are used for successful business process management programs. You learn how to successfully start employing business process management in your organization.

There is no prerequisite for this course.

  • Introduction
  • Describe and explain the business process management (BPM) value proposition
  • Employ process driven culture standards
  • Employ IBM Business Process Manager project delivery best practices for a successful program implementation
  • Creating IBM BPM Project
  • Designing BPD
  • Building Coaches and Services and Nested Services
  • Building an Executable BPDs and Services
  • Modelling Events
  • Message Events
  • Mapping and Managing Variables
  • Coaches and Coach Views
  • Exceptions and Loops
  • Advance Concepts in IBM BPM
  • Integration
  • Administration Advance Concepts