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  • SonarQube software (previously known as 'Sonar') is an open source platform for Continuous Inspection of code quality. As such, it covers the 7 axes of code quality.
  • Sonar Facilitates development teams to separate legacy obligation from new liability added to software
  • Code analysis becomes easy, and development team obtain valuable imminent ensuring that it is broadly accepted
  • Continuous feedback on quality problems as they are added and, this helps them to improve their programming skills
  • Sonar Training gives a platform to manage code quality, and you can check your code throughout development
  • Sonar is based on Java and also supports C, C#, PHP and Python
  • You can integrate Sonar with Google analytics
  • You can integrate Sonar with continuous delivery tools like Jenkins
  • Prior exposure to JAVA /J2EE, Database skills
  • Some knowledge about IDE, Ant build tool

Getting started with PMP Certification

  • Introducing Sonar
  • Setting up Sonar
  • Coding Standard
  • Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Working with Duplicate Code
  • Documentation
  • Improving Design
  • Sonar Administration
  • Continuous Inspection
  • Sonar Security
  • Integrating Sonar