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IBM Watson is the open, multi-cloud platform that lets you automate the AI lifecycle. IBM Watsons uses the latest innovations in machine learning.

We can help you build powerful models from scratch using IBM Watson. We can help you use IBM Watson Machine Learning capabilities to plug in to your data, wherever it resides, be it in organizational applications like BPM, ERP or even cloud.

Prebuilt IBM Watson applications such as Watson Assistant, Watson Discover and Watson Speech-to-text can help you speed up the time-to-value cycle for implementing AI in your organization. We can help you with implementation and configuration of these prebuilt applications.

Open source technologies such as Python and R provide analysts with great tools and techniques to perform advanced predictive analytics, by providing with vast set of pre-built libraries for almost any application area such as text analysis, or big data analytics.

We possess expertise in articulating the exact needs of the customer, and building easy-to-use analytics applications using complete set of open source platform and technologies.