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What is Digital Data Capture?

Data Capture is the process of identification, pre-processing including but not limited to deskew, despeckle, noise removal and extraction of data through OCR/ICR/Signature cropping/photograph cropping etc from scanned documents. Also, there exist AI and Machine learning capabilities in the solution that will help improve the accuracy of the solution as more and more documents are passed through the same.

In today's economical construct, having the right data has become extremely critical to make informed decisions.

Inspite of the technological advances large amount of vital data still resides on forms and documents that have a need to be captured, organized and indexed that could have a direct impact on improving the operational efficiencies.

Data capture services offered by UCS helps clients from labour-intensive tasks of extracting targeted data from forms and documents that are complex and have numerous fields.

Intelligent Data Capture Services

UCS has built the invoice processing solution that helps customers in automatically extracting content from images/documents and making it available to the downstreams for further decision-making.

This will help significantly reduce the overall time of processing thereby increasing efficiency and reducing cpst of operations.

UCS's KYC processing solution reduces the complex task of KYC'ing customer manually.

The solution entails building standardization techniques through a series of validations and web services built to perform a complete automated KYC operation. This will help the customer with key business benefits like Cost Optimization and enhance workforce efficiency.

Loan is a cumbersome process as it entails various physical documentation to be facilitated at various steps in the process.

In the current IT ecosystem, it is imperative to look for solution that helps automate these manual intensive process of capturing data from the customer documents, validate the same and then push it to the core-system for further processing. UCS's loan processing solution helps customers in auto-caturing the required information from these physical documents and make it available for seamless integrations with the downstream.

This will help in bringing down the overall processing time and hence the cost.


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