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BPM Implementation and support

Upvote provides award winning business process and IT transformation services to help clients more effectively deliver services to their customers.

Working with our Clients

Our collaborative approach empowers clients to develop solutions that are mission-centric and sustainable. Our experienced team helps clarify goals, calibrate responsibilities, minimize stovepiping, ensure technology supports business operations, and guarantee that vital knowledge is preserved.

Improving Your Game through Intelligent Business Process Automation

Every organization has something of value to sell. Not every organization has the optimal process to deliver its products. Upvote Consulting Services helps to improve business process strategy at every level of operation. We bridge the gap between strategy and execution through proven methodologies, expertise, technologies, and program support services.

Upvote's approach involves a strong collaborative partnership with our clients and multi-disciplinary subject matter experts through th applied integration of industry best practices, including: Lean Six Sigma; Value Chain Analysis; Business Process Management Notation (BPMN); Integrated Project Teams (IPTs); and Rapid Application Development (RAD)/Agile Development.

Process Design Studio

Upvote's BPM specialists operate a state-of-the art BPM Center of Excellence providing aconvenient offsite facility for fostering uninterrupted process and technology design sessions that accelerate the continuous improvement, training and outreach efforts of our clients. The Center offers our clients the right tools including business analytics and process design workbooks, tools, and templates; workflow implementation (BPMS) software; audio visual conferencing; as well as multi-media event communications support services.