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What is Analytics for Decision Making?

Decision-making is the backbone of any management function. Ration decision making requires ability to analyse data, interpret the results and apply the conclusions to business decisions.

We offer solutions and support in designing and implementing applications for purpose of predictive analytics to help our customers understand what might happen using regression and time-series analytics techniques, and thereby make better decisions.

Working with our Clients

Our collaborative approach empowers clients to develop solutions that are mission-centric and sustainable. Our experienced team helps clarify goals, calibrate responsibilities, minimize stovepiping, ensure technology supports business operations, and guarantee that vital knowledge is preserved.


IBM SPSS software platform can help analysts perform advanced statistical analysis. It also provides pre-built library of machine learning algorithms, text analysis, open source extensibility, integration with big data and seamless deployment into applications.

SPSS software family of products provides two options

  • SPSS Statistics which is used for hypothesis testing using top-down approach of exploring the data to support / negate the user defined hypotheses.
  • SPSS Modeler which is used for generating the hypotheses by automatically exposing patterns and models hidden in the data. It provides pre-defined nodes for performing these tasks in an easy to use interface with a vast set of algorithms that can be applied at the click of a mouse button.
  • SPSS software platform is easy to use, flexible and scalable, and can be used for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

    By discovering hitherto hidden patterns in the data, SPSS software platform can help the organization explore unchartered territories, improve existing operational efficiency, and minimize the chances of occurrence of unforeseen and undesirable circumstances.


    CPLEX is used for understanding business issues by modelling them mathematically and solve them with powerful algorithms from CPLEX Optimizer to derive precise and logical decisions. The decision optimization is done for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profitability.

    CPLEX Optimizer provides solvers for complex Operation Research (OR) problems that include linear programming, mixed integer programming, quadratic programming and quadratically constrained programming.

    The optimizer can work out solutions to problems of material resource planning, production scheduling, machine and other resource costs reduction, scheduling arrivals of raw materials etc.